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4D Dynamické Alignery

Léčil jsem pacienta průhlednými rovnátky a teď vidím zadní otevřený skus, proč?

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polymerní retainer CROSSPOM
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The plastic economy bubble of clear aligners

We are at conflict with the fundamental imperative at the heart of our economic model: grow or die! Should we recycle clear aligners or cut down plastic usage??
Clear Aligners have been conventionally used for the correction of mild to moderate malocclusions. Advances in the technology have enabled them to successfully correct complex malocclusions such as open bite, deep bite and severe rotations as well. A case report hase been presented here showing management of deep bite using clear aligners with temporary anchorage devices.

Clear Aligner Therapy (CAT): An Overview

Having paved the way for this treatment revolution, Invisalign is the dominant player in terms of brand recognition, research and development, manufacturing, training, and sales. It is unclear whether any of the competing companies or modalities will have a significant impact on the CAT market. Most likely, a rising tide will raise all boats, and the CAT industry will grow to penetrate segments of the market that have not previously sought orthodontic services.