Class I molar and canine relationship and mild upper and lower crowding

A 21 year old female patient presented with relapse of her malocclusion two years after cessation of removable retainer wear after treatment with full fixed appliances involving extraction of all first pre-molars. The patient was now in college and did not want re-treatment with fixed appliance. She presented with Class I molar and canine relationship and mild upper and lower crowding (Fig 1). Initial records were taken and the case logged onto the K Line (K Line Europe, Lileinthalstr 74, 40474 Dusseldorf, Germany) portal . It was decided to resolve the anterior crowding in both the arches using “K Clear” clear aligner therapy (Fig 2). 0.2 mm interproximal reduction (IPR) was performed in the mandibular anterior segment, per contact, to facilitate unravelling of the crowding. The patient was instructed to wear the appliance all the time and only remove it while eating, drinking and toothbrushing or flossing. At the end of the treatment, the crowding had completely resolved in both the arches and the canines and molars were maintained in a Class I relationship. The patient was satisfied with the outcome (Fig.3) and a bonded lingual retainer (BLR) was placed in both t arches for retention (Fig 3).

(Fig 1) Pre treatment records

Extra oral photographs

Intra Oral Photographs

Pre treatment OPG

(Fig 2) During treatment Intra Oral Photographs

(Fig 3) Post treatment records

Extra Oral Photographs

Intra Oral Photographs

Post treatment OPG